Why is Sex Important in a Relationship

Aside from reproduction, sex is important for many reasons in any committed relationship. It is ultimately about intimacy, pleasure and sexual expression. Sex has many positive physical, intellectual, emotional and social benefits. Understanding these benefits will help couples recognize that sex in their relationships will not only help themselves, but help bond their relationship further […]

About Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Day

Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Day is held annually on February 12. This day is an opportunity to raise awareness about sexual and reproductive health issues and to educate to reduce the spread of sexually transmitted infections. Sexually transmitted infections continue to be one of the major public health concerns. Health awareness events create publicity […]

The origin of Niagra Power Capsules

The origin of the formula for Niagra Power Capsule dates back two hundred years. Hailing from the capital of Arabian Cultural legacy that is Oman, Sheik Hamzaji Darvesh, the world renowned traveler, visited India, as well, during his quest to visit several countries across the world. He also was a prominent figure in the famous […]