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About us

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Incepted on the idea of holistic wellness and health of humanity, H and J Pharmaceuticals is guided by the visionary and insightful mind of ‘Hassan ThahaTanur’ who is a veteran medical professional having impeccable understanding of human health.Ever since inception, we have been providing effective solutions to alleviate mankind’s conditions of despair and pain. In no moment have we shifted away from this goal of ours. Along with providing solutions for a wide variety of morbid conditions, we also carry out extensive research activities in the field of medicine to develop better remedies aimed to cure diseases that threat human lives even now. We have extensive research and development capabilities and incredible medical practitioners who strive under the commanding leadership of Hassan ThahaTanurto develop cures that can change the lives for many people. Our team consists of exceptionally talented, trained and qualified medical professionals that help us drive further our cause of developing medicines for the betterment of the whole human race. As a futuristic pharmaceutical company we have extensive networks with some of the most prestigious organizations working in the field of medical research and development. As a responsible pharmaceutical company, we always strive to become the driving force of a better tomorrow for numerous people.

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Sample Description



Our life on this earth is only for a limited period. No one can deny the fact that one of the most enjoyable factors of human life is satisfactory sexual life. With our innovative product- Niagara Power Capsules, those who are leading a distressed unsatisfied sexual life don’t have to worry any more. Niagara Power Capsule is the only solution. Prepared from the extracts of medicinal herbs and plants growing in the dense forests of Western Ghats in Kerala, it has absolutely no side effects. It is useful for men and women without any exception. Even those who suffer from diabetes and blood pressure can avail the immense benefits of this product.